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Fidelity International appoints Jenn-Hui Tan as first Chief Sustainability Officer

Fidelity International, a leading investment management firm headquartered in London, has named Jenn-Hui Tan as its inaugural Chief Sustainability Officer, marking a significant move towards reinforcing its sustainability initiatives. 

The newly created position reflects Fidelity’s commitment to prioritizing sustainable investing and corporate responsibility. 

With Fidelity International managing approximately $744.8 billion in assets as of June 30, Jenn-Hui Tan brings extensive experience to his new role. Having been a part of the firm since 2007, Tan most recently served as the Global Head of Stewardship and Sustainable Investing while based in Singapore. He will now transition to London for his new position. 

In his expanded role, Tan will continue overseeing the firm’s sustainable investing team while assuming the added responsibility of leading the corporate sustainability team. His focus will encompass executing Fidelity’s sustainability strategy, ensuring its alignment with broader business operations, and upholding sound governance practices. 

Andrew McCaffery, Global Chief Investment Officer at Fidelity International, emphasized the importance of establishing a centralized point of accountability for sustainability efforts. The move comes as a response to evolving client and regulatory expectations, with the firm recognizing the need to drive a consistent and comprehensive sustainability strategy across all facets of its operations. 

Jenn-Hui Tan’s appointment underscores Fidelity International’s dedication to embracing a proactive and comprehensive approach to sustainability, reflecting a broader industry trend towards integrating environmental, social, and governance considerations into investment decision-making. 

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