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Commerzbank launches Yellowfin for large assets

Commerzbank has announced the establishment of Yellowfin Asset Management, a distinct entity to oversee its active asset management business. 

With over €10 billion ($11 billion) in managed assets, Yellowfin’s focus will center on catering to institutional investors, corporate clients, and high-net-worth individuals holding at least €30 million in managed assets.  

This strategic move allows Commerzbank to efficiently manage substantial asset volumes while leveraging its existing support functions and sales platform. The newly formed entity, led by Yellowfin Chairman Andreas Neumann, will complement Commerzbank’s ongoing asset management services provided by Commerzbank Vermogensverwaltung and Commerz Real. 

Read more: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/commerzbank-founds-yellowfin-after-spinning-off-active-asset-management-business-b6b336c5 

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